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Bluetooth Stack (JSR82) over Windows Released. Download Java Bluetooth Stack for Windows XP/Vista  


JSR-82 Simulator released. Know more about BlueSim JSR-82 Simulator

JSRSoft : Custom JSR Implementations

Welcome to JSRSoft, the experts  in JSR Implementations. We specialize in developing custom JSR (Java Spefication Requests) Implementations.

We undertake custom implementation of any JSR's over your specified hardware and software.

You name a JSR, we will build it for you!

The Java Community Process or JCP, established in 1998, is a formalized process which allows interested parties to be involved in the definition of future versions and features of the Java platform.

The JCP involves the use of Java Specification Request (JSR), which are formal documents that describe proposed specifications and technologies to be added to the Java platform.


Main JSR Implementations

JSR 82 is the Java specification for Bluetooth. We offer custom JSR 82 implementation over your hardware. Check out our JSR 82 Bluetooth stack over Windows XP.

Java API for the Location aware application is defined under the JSR 179 Location API. We undertake custom implementation of JSR 179 over your specific hardware.

The Generic Connection Framework (GCF) Optional Package for J2SE will permit applications that rely on the GCF in J2ME to migrate to J2SE.

JCP specification for a dynamic component framework supporting existing Java SE environments based on the OSGi dynamic component model specifications.



Want a custom implementation of any JSR? Contact JSRSoft the experts in JSR Implementation.